I decided, due to to the claims that it did not destroy much, to show why it did not.

First off, we do know that the shockwaves shook the Kaioshin's planet, so I will use Regicide's calculation (But modified). Credit to Regicide for the original calc

First off, figuring out the energy needed to shake Kaioshin Kai (assuming that's where this is happening), which Chaos already found the size of in this blog.

Diameter is 3919012.776 km.

Basically I figure the shaking of a planet can be treated as being like a planet-wide earthquake, and thus I can quantify this in the same way that GM got a value for Whitebeard’s Earthquakes

Conveniently, the parameters for the intensity of the earthquake remain the same here as in his calc, if not even higher in this case.

So I don't have to change anything in that regard.

I just need to account for the actual distance traveled by the "earthquake" in this case (i.e, it travels across half the circumference of the planet) and follow the steps that were already provided in the blog.

I'll leave the rest of the explanation to the original calc in question.

Circumference of a circle = PId

3.14*3919012.776 = 12305700.11664 km 12305700.11664/2 = 6152850.05832 km

Converted to miles, 6152850.05832 km is equal to 3823203.776 miles.

3823203.776/5.7 = 670737.5s

Which gets plugged into..

log(base10)50+3log(base10)[8*670737.5]-2.92 = 18.96

Which is the magnitude of the earthquake, which converts to 1.737801*10^33 joules.

Not done yet though. This was caused by a shockwave.

Basically, by comparing the cross-sectional area of the planet to the surface area of the omnidirectional shockwave, I can figure out how much energy was emitted on that fraction of the shockwave's edge and then account for the entire surface area.

Gonna be treating it like a sphere.

The Dragon Ball Universe is 46,600,000,000 light years in radius (It has been confirmed to be like our universe)

The surface area of the universe is 2.729961142857143e+22 square light years

Area of a sphere = 4PIr^2

2.729961142857143e+22 square light years/12056548993684.21 km^2 = 2.02658227e35

2.02658227e35*1.737801*10^33 joules=3.5217967e68 joules

3.5217967e68 joules/2 = 1.76089835e68 joules for each individual punch

The result will probably be much higher than just this, since the DBU is like our universe and I just assumed it was like the observable universe

Now I have to use inverse square law again to see what would the effects of average planet would be, the average surface area of Earth is 510 million squared kilometers

2.729961142857143e+22 square light years/510 million square km = a 4.79089969e39x gap

3.5217967e68 joules/4.79089969e39 = 17.5693433 Exatons of TNT, which is not even moon level

So most planets would have been damaged, but not destroyed by these shockwaves. Which is why you did not see tons of planets being destroyed

Credit to FanofRPGs