• Faisal Shourov

    I decided, due to to the claims that it did not destroy much, to show why it did not.

    First off, we do know that the shockwaves shook the Kaioshin's planet, so I will use Regicide's calculation (But modified). Credit to Regicide for the original calc

    First off, figuring out the energy needed to shake Kaioshin Kai (assuming that's where this is happening), which Chaos already found the size of in this blog.

    Diameter is 3919012.776 km.

    Basically I figure the shaking of a planet can be treated as being like a planet-wide earthquake, and thus I can quantify this in the same way that GM got a value for Whitebeard’s Earthquakes

    Conveniently, the parameters for the…

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  • Faisal Shourov

    Hello everyone

    April 11, 2016 by Faisal Shourov

    This community needs lots of members, I love DBS and I would love to contribute to this wiki :)

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